About Us & Mission

Down The Line’s mission is to facilitate positive character and education development for Philadelphia area youth tennis players, in order to maximize each child’s full potential on and off the court and promote a community around tennis.

 Through our Junior Ambassador Program, committed, young tennis players, from diverse backgrounds are taught and rewarded for good character. Moreover, in our Outreach Program we use tennis as a means to provide children in under-resourced communities character-building guidance in a positive, fun, healthy education based environment. Down The Line and Beyond holds tennis programs in basements, classrooms, gyms, and even on concrete parking lots. This has been made possible by the portable courts obtained with the help of Sport Court and FMC, which can be placed and played on anywhere.

Character Development Through Tennis

Down the Line and Beyond Foundation is a non-profit organization in the Philadelphia area that operates two highly structured programs that teach character development through the sport of tennis. Down the Line and Beyond, with the assistance of CITRS, an organization that structures and implements effective character education and development, has built a curriculum for its programs that fosters integrity, self-control, justice, fortitude, positive attitude, humility, respect and good sportsmanship.  The character development curriculum is an essential element of every Down the Line and Beyond activity.

Outreach Program

Our Outreach Program includes a year-round after school and summer tennis and character development clinics for 1,600 underserved children in 16 locations in the Philadelphia area.

Junior Ambassador Program

Our Junior Ambassador Program is offered to student-athletes who are motivated to improve character and sportsmanship on and off the court.

Building Character. Enriching Lives. One tennis lesson at a time.