DTLB Ambassadors

DLTB provides character education workshops, opportunities to engage in community service projects, and competition opportunities to a group of approximately 20 DTLB Ambassadors.    The Ambassador program offers these young players the chance to develop their leadership skills and help their communities in the company of other youngsters interested in tennis. 

The Program is offered to student-athletes ages 10 to 18 who are motivated to improve character and sportsmanship on and off the court. DTLB supports the efforts of our Ambassadors to seek scholarships for higher education.  To date, current and former Ambassadors have received over $1 million in scholarships. 100% of Ambassadors have gone on to play college tennis.

The first objective of the Ambassador Program is to contribute to the character and personal development of all participants and motivate them to participate in community service and mentoring programs. The second objective is for these players to demonstrate this growth during all practices and tournament play, thus creating awareness for the importance of character and sportsmanship in life.


CITRS Character Curriculum

Down The Line teaches committed young tennis players from diverse backgrounds through the CITRS character curriculum

CITRS is a non-partisan, non-sectarian, non-profit that partners with schools, out-of-school and other organizations to structure and implement effective character programs to enhance the lives of those we touch. Their goal is to help our partners build and implement a durable culture of character through consulting, innovative initiatives, and leadership and professional development programs. CITRS also is a national advocate for character education and development. By teaming with select character experts we are able to provide our partners with the most creative and impactful solutions.

CITRS is an acronym for Character, Integrity, Trust, Relationships and Success. If you take the first letters of those words, it spells CITRS. Each one of these five words is connected like links in a chain: If you have CHARACTER and INTEGRITY, people will TRUST you; if people trust you, you will have great RELATIONSHIPS in your life; and relationships are the foundation for SUCCESS in everything.


Benefits of Being an Ambassador

DTLB tennis and character trips

Opportunities to receive grants 

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