Lisa Raymond Tip of the Month: Drop Shot

Down The Line and Beyond presents Lisa Raymond’s Tip of the Month, where every month tennis legend Lisa Raymond gives out simple tips to greatly improve your tennis game! This month is the Drop Shot!

Forehand Volley

If your opponent is getting comfortable at the baseline, don’t wait for them to make an error, hit a drop shot to keep them off balance! Drop shots can really only be effectively performed on balls that are coming to you at slowly, and are not too high. You want your opponent to be on his or her heels, expecting you to drive the ball, so take a big backswing, and then shorten the backswing right down and move your racket head to the ball with a slightly open racket face.

As you hit the shot, try to feel your racket face cushion down the back and underneath the ball. This will take the speed off the shot and will also generate backspin and sidespin, killing the bounce. Make sure you then follow your shot, because if they manage to scrape up the ball you need to be in a position to kill off any weak return that comes your way.                                                                                                                                                        



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