Due to COVID-19, all outreach programs are currently suspended until further notice. Please see the statement below by the USTA:

Our Outreach Programs include year-round after school and summer tennis clinics and character FullSizeRender-RESdevelopment workshops for 1,000+ underserved youth in seven locations in the Philadelphia area.

Our goal is to teach all participants the lifelong skills of good sportsmanship, teamwork and integrity while introducing more underserved children to the game of tennis. DTLB provides programs that prepare children for lifetime success through structured tennis and character development activities.

Our Outreach Programs serve predominantly low-income, minority youngsters who have very limited access to organized sports.  For some of our kids, tennis proves to be an important avenue for success and growth in self-esteem. Others learn the value of strong work ethic.  Consistently, their teachers report that our program has improved students’ attendance and behavior in the classroom.  DTLB also coordinates visits from local sports psychologists, professional sports players, and our current and former Junior Ambassadors, to enhance the Outreach Programs.

DTLB partners with 7 schools and parks in the metro Philadelphia area to host our Outreach Program free of cost to our children and their parents.

Location Partners

  • The People for People Charter School
  • Philadelphia Tennis Club
  • Steele Middle School
  • Shawmont Elementary
  • Overbrook Civic Association
  • Penrose Playground
  • St. James School
  • Gesu School
  • Clemente Park and Playground
  • East Poplar Park
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Belmont Charter School
  • Bridesburg Recreation Center
  • Francisville Park and Playground

IMG_6486-RESThese sessions have simple but potentially transformational goals:  to get kids exercising vigorously, to teach them the game of tennis, and, most importantly, to help them develop the positive attitudes and behaviors, such as good sportsmanship, self-discipline, integrity, and respect for others, that will benefit them throughout their lives. A continued goal is to bring structure and discipline into the lives of children, while giving them the exercise and outlet they need to live a healthy lifestyle.  Tennis is a sport for all; no one gets cut from a team, requires minimal equipment, and can be played anywhere.  By using the sport of tennis as the vehicle for teaching cooperation, patience, and teamwork, the children are interactively applying these principles to the natural challenges posed on the tennis court.

“Gesu School students not only learned the game of tennis, but they also exercised vigorously, learned how to play competitively while maintaining an attitude of good sportsmanship, and thought about how to translate respectful behavior on the court to their lives off the court.   Without Down the Line and Beyond, the Gesu School would not be able to provide tennis and character-building instruction to its students. Their tennis program complements our academic curriculum and enriches the entire school experience for our students who are able to participate.”
Sister Ellen Convey – Principal of the Gesu School


Tennis Court Reconstruction for Philadelphia Public Parksimg_0093

Down The Line also works closely with the city of Philadelphia to reconstruct out of use tennis court in order to build a community of tennis in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell awarded a Citation to DTLB for our work in providing two new tennis courts at Belmont Charter School. The Belmont community struggles to break the cycle of poverty and the school serves as a center for many resources and activities. These courts will provide a recreation area where students and families can come together in a safe, clean environment. Belmont Charter will now be able to incorporate tennis into its physical education program, create tennis teams as part of its Out of School Time program, and host tennis clinics for families in the community. Down the Line is looking to place at least five new tennis courts in Philadelphia by the end of 2017.

b3661c9b-76a1-4c93-a0a4-59feb5d75525Philadelphia Freedoms Pop-Up Tennis Tour Presented by United Healthcare

DTLB works with the Philadelphia Freedoms Pop-Up Tennis Tour Presented by United Healthcare every summer to run tennis clinics that see over 400 children play tennis. Tennis was introduced all around the city, including: Beneficial Bank on Market Street, King of Prussia Mall, Franklin Square, Eakins Oval, FDR Park and Villanova Tennis Court